Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring Views

The view from my kitchen window sill..Two aloe plants with Sculpey sea creatures etc. adorning the pots. A pineapple top waiting to be potted. The beginnings of a grass hair eggshell growing project is underneath the pineapple top. We wouldn't earn any magazine awards now,would we?
A First Picnic of the Year picture. Sandwiches and banana chips if I remember correctly. Child brewed mint tea or maybe apple tea bags is my guess on the drinks being served.
A much longed for soccer ball.
My computer time is about up . Today looks to be busy,with the family of the children's little pals and our near neighbors planning to come for dinner. The children and I have a kitchen floor to scrub! Beans are calling me to crockpot them for tonight's burritos. We should forge on with one of our Little House books too. So "so long,farewell !"

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