Monday, April 14, 2008

North Carolina-Last Weekend

Alex and Chelsea up on the balcony of a house way up in the mountains of North Carolina. It was a very unique place to spend the night and hike in the morning. We traveled on to Ashville,NC and explored a bit,including a stop at a super thrift shop for me.

We went out to NC for Isaac Coates memorial service which is a post unto itself which I hope to do soon. But that will take a day which is not Monday. For Mondays have a way of being so "Mondayish" which does not lend itself well to musing blog posts. So anyway,I thought I should try to catch up on the past weekend considering that we had just c ompleted a weekend since then. I need to finish up some Monday work now. The one good thing we got done today is send in the application for WrenBird's passport. But that involved going to the post office and taking a chunk out of a morning. And besides,I'm trying to catch up from the late nights of the weekend which number three exactly. Well,I'll stop now! Ciao! Marcella

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