Friday, April 18, 2008

In with Spring!

This time of year is busy with ushering in the new growing season,a change of weather,a shift in thought. Seed starting and plant coddling keep one mindful of temperature and details like the sun's position and presence or absence.
Daring to put some plants out in the garden has us waiting for rain,concerned about frosts and so on.
We went out as a family to clean up our yard today so the grass can be mowed.We decided to pay our landlords to trim the grass while we're here rather than messing with buying equipment ourselves and all the hassle that entails. Thus yard mowing returns to the cycle also.
And I am rather perplexed with how to organize the boys clothes right now. We are gradually using more T-shirts and the like but there can still be cold mornings and days.So clothes are just rather unclear right now. A mixture of thicknesses and lengths.
Tomorrow we will likely consider a temporay sandbox and how we'll make all that happen.Weekends are nice!

One more smiling baby picture. Are you tired of these yet,Mom? See how round her cheeks are?

Well, a good-night to all! Marcella

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