Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Our Home is our Studio

There were some far more interesting photos I had intended to post with but somehow they didn't get uploaded.... The studio that is our home is abuzz with activity these days. We mothers are privy to one of the world's most interesting places and especially so if we take advantage of it. I mean how many people get to wear so many hats,do so many different things in the course of one days work?

What I really enjoy also is getting to keep creativity flowing in new directions and do some spectacular work by being diligent with little. When there's little else to work with but old newspapers. glue,water and some cardboard or a bowl,maybe a balloon or two,some beautiful things can happen. It takes get up and go,sure. But you may be certain others will find your home/studio fascinating !
And now I hear the youngest member of the budding artists awake. Gotta run!

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