Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hi Abuela!

Some happy shots of the joyful Wrenbird that inhabits the Pilgrim house. I spend an awful lot of time clucking over this baby bird. She's just ever so kiss and huggable. And her smiles are an extra bonus. Ok,I sound cliche! There aren't really good words you know.............?
Wax resist painting was in the works this morning. Reading prep workbook, alphabet flashcard games and reading Curious George,Franklin and the Big Kid?, Runny Babbit by Shel Silverstein(I doubt I'm an overall fan of Silverstein but this is part of my poetry enticing work right now) and discussing A Child's Book of Art put out by DK. The art book you may wish to preview first,depending on your personal guidelines. I hunted this one down after seeing it was part of the Sonlight curriculum for one of the early years(I forget which) but it wasn't a big hit. Alex found it somewhat enjoyable and if I hadn't been so sleepy I probably could have helped make it more interesting. Lord willing,there's tomorrow!
Now there's spaghetti to finish for the little ones lunch,a load of laundry to put out, some meat cooking that needs attention, maybe a nap.Ordinary stuff...
Ciao! Marcella

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