Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A ball of string and some sticks

Surveying the waters-we're seeing a boat here,if you were wondering.The children sometimes bemoan their lack of large toy tractor collections or other you name its that their friends have but most of the time they find some pretty creative ways to entertain themselves. (Not that they have no toys either! i wasn't trying to imply that.) So this boat here is one of the things that came about after I picked up a roll of string for them at a dollar store.You should have heard the cheers when I got into the van and announced the string purchase. I heart the fact that they cheer over a roll of string! So this boat was created and a few accessories added.It helps for the boat look.

Lots of tape is used in our house. And packs of white paper.Here's the boat's flag.

Oars were neccessary.As you can see a small,junky broom has regained usefulness. We did not observe Earth Day but we DO recycle.:)
On our homeschool agenda today is looking up pictures of a gorilla,per Jess's request. You may like also if you haven't found it already. Ok,gorillas! Here I come!

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