Friday, April 25, 2008

Loving So Much...

Loving so much is vulnerable. Times come when a mother and wife cannot protect,caress, remove difficulty for her loved ones. Things can happen that leave raw wounds because of how deeply we have loved.So what's the answer? Stay away from loving so hard?

I think the answer is faith. Faith that we have a Heavenly Abba Father who knows far more than we do.Who loves and seeks our best. The understanding and reassurance that He cares for even the sparrows. Yes,Father.

I love you,Lee. I love you for sitting there listening to that sermon and seeking out how to be the best son of God you can be. I love you baby Sarenna Faith. You showcase love. Thank-you Father for the gift of the presence of these two. You will allow me to love for as long as you see fit. And that is right.

On a different note,need a quick,homemade toy? Fill a water bottle with water. Add food coloring and glitter. Presto! If you have older children be prepared to have them concoct their own versions. No,I did not think this up myself.

Time to get moving. Yesterday we listened to Gulliver's Travels on CD with Jim Weiss. I think that pretty much wraps up Gulliver for a while. I am pleased:). I listened to pretty much all of A Christmas Carol on CD also.I guess it is useful in that it is a reminder. A Christian should always love his neighbor though and it shouldn't take ghosts to remind us. And how long will Scrooge remember and be reformed if God is not his reformer and Help.We can't do it all on our own strength. My thoughts.

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