Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Track-ly thoughts and other such jibber....

Last night I went to the track after an exhausting evening (the boy energy in this house is awesome. Mmmhmmn.) Lee and I were both supposed to be in a meeting but I could not face that so sent Lee.
Anyhoo,when he came back, I went to the track with Alex and did lots of very fast walking.
I did not run,partly because the children had turned up their noses at my good dinner(ok,maybe a little salty) and I felt compelled to eat some of their leftovers as well as my own late dinner. So I had eaten to recently to be much interested in running...  

I did not feel like going to any kind of track last night. Typically by the time my evening shift of motherhood is done I mostly want to shuffle hunchbacked to bed!

But what happens when I go? I am so happy to have done it. These fall evenings with their refreshing air are a joy to work out in!
Try it friends. I know you think you can't fellowmothers but please give it a shot!
I think you will be surprised!
It's a rainy,dark and chilly morning but an hour when a Proper Mother would get about her day. But since I am who I am, I am going to spoil myself and crawl back into the new queen sized bed Lee installed in our room and finish some sleeping. I feel a defecit in my sleep bank and it's highly important that Sleep Defecits are not left too long,no?

Sweet Tuesday to all!

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