Friday, September 9, 2011

back on track

I am back at the track!

Walking and running give me so much energy and make me energized!

Last night was a great night back after being so busy with wedding stuff and camping and recovering from all of it!


The children are really working on crocheting-so funny!

We discovered yesterday that the puppet kit the library had us believing was lost is actually alive and well on the circulation rack. A letter letting me know would have been lovely-instead of the last letter which claimed I owed $28. At least the'd taken the charge off our card which was helpful.

I met a new homeschool mom -always interesting to put faces to names.

Alex and I worked on making a little mulched and bordered space for our garbage and recycling containers so they won't get all mud-splashed each time it rains.

And today-Happy Friday!


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