Wednesday, September 14, 2011

happy learning report

I am refreshed this morning. Very thankful for that! Dealing with the weekly laundry and getting it all put away was hard but it's sooo worth it! (well there's a bit left in the dryer but i shall deal with that quickly) Not having to think about laundry every day is huge for me.
Changing over to doing laundry in the beginning of the week has been a fairly recent change but pretty much a habit now and I wouldn't change it! So nice to have Laundry Free days! I figured if Grandma had a laundry day so could I! Well, my version is more than 1 day exactly but still....

The children have started Physical Education classes at a local university. Three of the children that is. I have to work really hard at coordinating it all but I think it's a really good thing for them!

We have finished our first Boxcar Children book for this season and Jess is working on his first Magic Treehouse book as silent reading.

Math = a couple math sheets to ease in. And suddenly the boys know how to skip count by hundreds !  I just asked Jess to skip count by 2's and he's doing it! I needn't have worried!

I bought a kids theater game and we had fun playing yesterday,especially the girls as it was geared for younger children.

Chess club for the boys tomorrow! Our learning is humming a happy tune!

May your learning times be happy today as well!


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