Friday, September 30, 2011

prayer wisdom and what about the weekend?

This past weekend our family went to have a fellowship meal and evening worship dinner with some friends (whose lives intertwine with ours in more ways than one,) and their church family.

The meal  was yummy but I'll probably remember something from the worship time far better.  Speaking was a young man who led us in a study on prayer. To cover everything would be far too long for my limited jotting time but his main point stuck with me.
So often we are so full of our problems or our friends problems and we are asking God for help, forgiveness etc.
We tend to act as if "me" and my spiritual health was the central issue.
Ultimately though, is it not that God in all His glory reign, that He be seen?
When we are focused on that, will other issues not start falling in place as well?
Of course I'm not giving a well-rounded covering of the sermon.
But, Let God be seen is added to my treasure chest of thinking about my Sovereign God, an added wisdom to my prayer life.

What are you doing this weekend?

Lee and I plan to : celebrate 11 years of marriage!
                                Lee and boys go watch some friends in a run
                                me:get ready for our babysitters
                                    maybe go to a relief sale with my cousin

Tonight? Make quiche for our neighbors/friends who had a baby recently.

Happy Friday!
with love,

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