Friday, September 23, 2011

happy first day of fall!

It has been such a rainy transition into autumn. I could go for some sun before long but oh well..

The boys and I worked on math and spelling in some fun ways.

We also went to pick up a mattress cover for The New Bed. Jess read signs all over the store! He is pretty much getting to be smooth at it. Sigh.He is getting so grownup.

The boys are doing manstuff with their dad like going to a toolsale.
The girls and I plan to go visit a new baby who recently arrived on a street near us! We're so happy for the new mommy and daddy.

I made some handmade cards using my circle punch and fancy gold pen. We'll deliver one for the baby's family today. Along with some clothes and an I Spy board book (which I remember my little boys enjoying as wee people).

Then we plan to come home and make pancakes for dinner and have our video/movie night. (This is our solution to wanting to watch stuff sometimes but wishing to greatly limit it.)

Happy Friday evening!


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