Tuesday, February 1, 2011

welcome february!

Lee and me-looking forward to Love Day!
Happy February! Sweetheart month!
So mostly I am crawling around doing the basics these days. A sinus "thing" has recaptured our house. (O, I do wish we were done with these sicknesses!) But back to "valentiney" thoughts, I pulled myself together enough to make a valentine garland similar to the one linked. Only mine is red and white.
Jess obligingly took down my wintry eucalyptus wreath and I hung my garland where that had hung. And I took down Christmas cards.
And an earthtoned candle. And realized how desperate I am for some bright color this time of year....

I got some nice emails in my inbox.
And a nice "girltalk" phonecall and even a delivery of boxed teas.
Maybe i will get through all this winter funk!

Now I should keep chugging on laundry mountain and the mess of a craft room so I can be free to do more crafty things.
Sweet crafting and thinking to all!

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