Thursday, February 10, 2011

lovin' on my guy

Brag time about my hunny:
  •            Very hard worker!
  •          disciplined
  • thrifty
  • sends romantic texts
  • cleans out the refrigerator and other places on his own(sometimes)
  • cooks on weekends quite often
  • loving and loves our children in hands-on ways like watching slapstick animal movies with them and reading scary books that I have no interest in.
  • more that I don't have time to document right now.
  • Now go make your own list if you have a "hunny".
  • Smooches!
  •                                                ~Pilgrimama

1 comment:

christi said...

so so fun to make that list! it's a great reminder of the little and big things that our hubbies do for us and our families!