Wednesday, February 16, 2011

photo talk

at our vow renewal ceremony last fall ...
So I never got around to showing pictures last fall of our vow renewal ceremony. The ceremony was lovely and fulfilling, and we very much enjoyed it but the planning and executing of this party/ceremony was exhausting and I never felt energetic enough to post much about it in words that came close to describing its beauty.
(I still don't have the energy!)
But this month in honor of Love and Romance and all that Mushy stuff I thought I'd post some pictures.
Beginning with me and only me. Because unfortunately Blogger buddy is acting up and will not let me post pictures of the cake....

Speaking of pictures, I had pictures taken today of moi and each of my children (taken one at a time, meaning me with 1 child at a time) by fancy photographers. I just thought of wanting to do this the other day and then was given a free oportunity today. These will be a sweet keepsake I hope.
                                                                                              Gotta run!


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Rosa said...

Awe, that day was awsome!! your the most beautiful sister ever, inside and out! XOXO