Thursday, February 17, 2011

stuff we are doing

  • Today we have created:
  • 1 salt dough tea light holder, decorated with crayon stubs and seed beads.
  • large paintings which the children decided to do on their own, using a newspaper end roll(check your local newspaper office)
  • masks after we researched the Mardi Gras history. We did not end up decorating them...

We studied phonics and read aloud together.
Chelsea practiced handwriting.
We looked at some new books that family sent us...

Outdoor play is happening. It's warm enough to be outside with no jackets! Yay!

I cleaned up substantially outside in the yard and adjacent creekbed. That feels very good!
I feel like we are way ahead of last year at this time,when we were still recently moved and settling in. Thank God!
There's maybe a meeting in the works yet tonight and some food to prep for hungry people.
The boys have a friend over and they are having a happy afternoon.

Last night the sons and I attended a concert put on by The Watoto Children's Choir . That was special.
Ok, enough journaling for today!

                                                                            Busy bee,

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