Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love Day report

Well, Love Day has come and gone. But I am declaring here and now, that February is the month to celebrate love in a Big way and celebrate the color red!
(I didn't get all of my valentines done in time for yesterday anyway!)
We did get some lovely valentines and we took some cool gifts to Chelsea's good friend since we'd never managed to give her a Christmas gift.
We made fun heart shapes out of salt dough at her friend's home too.
Last night we babysat for our friends so they could have a romantic dinner! And then Lee came home and after dinner we went to an ice cream social nearby at more friends home.

The menu for the night was all themed after children's books and was very creative!

And my pal gave ME a valentine with a coupon for half a Saturday of free babysitting!
All the children!
Which in my book is pretty awesome.
Lee and I have some good cafe food coming up in gift cert. form and so I think we will celebrate one of these nights when we have more energy!
We had a VERY busy weekend.
What did You do for Love Day??
                                                                                                 Liking Red,

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