Friday, February 4, 2011

a list for today

A list of today:
                   Wake up, bathe and wash hair, work on breakfast and dress 3 year old all at a reasonable hour. This has not happened in a while.
#2. Go downtown and work on getting dental appointments for children. "Sweet!"
#3. Detour to the Bookstore's free piles.
#4. Come home, clean, make lunch including popcorn.
#5. Sons and husband go in and out and finally leave on a project.
#6. I take nap. Happiness!
#7. Friend comes. We fix bobbin on my sewing machine. Bobbin, bobbin.
#8. I wrap gifts for "groomsman" from our vow renewal ceremony last fall. Yes, this is a true statement.
9. At some point the girls and I make this, except in pink and purple and white and we used a cereal box. I also look online at dental reviews.
#10. I haul jeans in from the line for a final drying in the dryer.
#11.Guys come home.
#12. Whaaaat's for dinner? "Awesome!"

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