Thursday, September 9, 2010

re: thankful list

To Julia Charlotte,
Life has definitely had its challenging moments these days. Often these things are too much information for the internets and go into my journal instead.
But a lot of challenges have been surmounted or things I worry about aren't as bad as I thought they would be and so today I am feeling very grateful.
I am grateful that God is full of tender mercies as well as stern training.
So here is my thankful list!

* I am thankful for good friends in Christ who invite us into their backyards to share campfires and marshmallows.
* I am thankful that a lot of us in our church family are comfortable sitting around being quiet together.
* I am thankful for friends who share so freely.
* I am thankful Lee hauled out the old dinosaur tv so I could clean my rug.
*I am thankful that the laundry monster is being tamed again!
* I'm thankful we got the compost dealt with yesterday.
*I am thankful for schedule editing so I can focus on organizing our vow renewal ceremony and celebration.
I am thankful Lee made Dutch apple pie yesterday.
I am thankful my bathroom is in such a clean state.
*I am thankful Alex cleaned the deck yesterday!
So, if you're still reading, I am thankful for major and minor blessings in other words.

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