Saturday, September 11, 2010

re: hosting a bridal shower

a brownie fruit pizza for your information- my friend made one like this for my birthday this year as well! They are scrumptious!

flowers ( below) decorating a ledge that night...
Dear Julia Charlotte,
I am sending you these long overdue pictures that I took a while back. They are from a bridal shower I hosted for a young woman who was renewing her vows after being separated from her husband.
It was a lovely evening- it had been a while since I'd hosted a "girls" party. (Even if the kitten did climb into the gift bags of lingerie...) Some light food was had, followed by lots of loving on our guest of honor. We soaked her feet in essential oil scented water and gave her candles and beads and lots of blessings. And then we had to give gifts and have some laughs together that would not be appropriate to write about so publicly,Julia my dear.
So we had a happy night all in all and stayed up really late!
And now, my next letter to you should really be about September's arrival and cold nights(mmmmm) and washing this very warm summer's grime off the windows...!

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