Wednesday, September 15, 2010

re: morning fresh babies

"eating a peanut butter sandwich"(Squirrelgirl)
Dear Julia Charlotte,
Have I ever written to you about how yummy baby girls are first thing in the morning or right after a nap? How their hair is all "poufy" and fluffed and you can just bury your nose in it and nuzzle down into their warm necks?
How their limbs are all soft and fluid and drape so perfectly? How you can lie on the couch on your back and fit their little bodies just so over your chest and it feels like maybe this is the contentedness we'll feel in Heaven?
I haven't ever told you that? Well it's high time I did!

I think I am going to go help Lee decorate at a job today. Decorate for autumn !

Last night I put my papers and pencil and a jar of supper food in my bag and walked downtown to work on the wording for our vow rewnewal declaration of intent.(Wow, that's a funny sentence...)
It was sweet. I sat at a cute little sitting area near the library which has tables and chairs and a large fountain. It manages to feel Secluded and it was perfect.
Lee met me later and he said it was a good thinking place.

(thoughts from Pilgrimama, who should now go do laundry....)


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