Wednesday, September 22, 2010

re: the cure

Dear Julia Charlotte,
One of my friends recently described planning a wedding as a full time job. Well, I am here to tell you that planning a vow renewal ceremony is almost as bad.
Planning a vow renewal and celebration dinner on the low budget is certainly tricky!
We are trying to find our rhythm amidst the busyness of all this planning.
It definitely takes some concentrated headwork which is not so easy to accomplish amidst a houseful of energetic young ones. One night recently my little head just refused to be pushed anymore.
I surveyed my options the best I could.
Simple dinner-check.
Tell husband we need a burnout action plan involving a change of focus-check.
Watch a new movie which had come in the mail while eating supper-helpful.
Instead of the marshmallow roast we were thinking of we got a late text from a friend.
It said our children's music teacher was storytelling and singing at a nearby restaurant.
We bundled up the crew and marched into the dark.
It was a good cure and a good night.
Above are pics.
Our poor camera is about dead so thereby the poor quality shots...!

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