Tuesday, September 21, 2010

re : lovely toys

Dear Julia Charlotte,
Thinking about toys today.
My little people don't have a large amount of toys. I know other parents who also are not into large stockpiles of toys. It is a choice we make. Ours is not the only choice but of course I tend to think it can be a good one!
One of the reasons we do not own many toys is that we have been on pretty tight budgets most of our married life.
We also do not have wealthy relatives nor family inclined to buy many toys for our offspring.
(Our family is good about buying things on our wish lists like nice markers.)
Which has worked out quite well for us as I have come to greatly dislike picking up after many nastily colored (in my opinion) cheap plastic toys. Toys that the gang has tired of after a few uses, now providing visual stress and clutter.
So now we ask for things like sewing kits or glow in the dark underwear (ahem) for birthdays.
And I buy a few quality toys here and there that are not only useful but also beautiful.
To me as the mama it makes a world of difference!
So these are my thoughts. Usually I do not see the whole picture myself. And I am aware there are different approaches to this issue. Mine is one of them.
Be well,

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