Saturday, September 4, 2010

re: God is enough

To: Julia Charlotte,
This morning is such a good morning. Saturday. Lee had to work this morning which isn't quite the norm for Saturday. My yard sale ideas went down the drain with that, since we are a one vehicle family. But the morning is still good.
I awoke from a nightmare this morning, which ended with the assurance I'd heard from a brother in Christ the other day. "God is enough, whatever the situation."
It was such a peace giving phrase to remember while within a scary dream and was so special to awake thinking that thought.
God is enough.
The children are making mud houses and such on the back deck and it's a mess. Their dusty footprints can be seen on the kitchen floor. The air is cooler this weekend which is sweet relief since September came in stubbornly sultry. I can feel the cool air breezing through the house and it is wonderful, this breeze, those children.
So alive, so full.
It is a good morning.

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