Thursday, July 30, 2009

home(kind of) alone

I find myself home with only these characters roaming the castle today-the knights have found more challenging places to conquer for the day....
this one definitely needs lessons on being queenly! Or do queens read calculator riddles??

This good knight left his pajamas at home. No worries. Knights probably don't use pajamas. We musn't let this particular one know the part about bathing once a year or something like that which this mother has heard about. He might think that a dream come true.

This one is quite friendly as thou canst see. He sought to spice up a photo session of the gap in his teeth. Not too knightly of him...
I am a servant girl who resides in the castle. Today one of my tasks is a paint job on a microwave cart. Since I am a modern servant girl,thou wilt see pictures of the completed cart when tis finished,if the Lord wills.
And now,farewell! I must be off.

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