Wednesday, July 22, 2009

all things zucchini

I think Alex was making zucchini bread with my help in this photo...
Blueberry bagels and a warm drink help one think . They are over a favorite zucchini recipe in my much used Almost Vegetarian recipe book. The handwritten style feels so much like a favorite recipe from a friend. And their zucchini casserole dish is similar to lasagna or something.Weeeell,maybe not quite as good as lasagna. And while we're on the topic of zucchini, check out Pioneer Woman's zucchini strings plus all the other delectable zucch recipes on her newly debuted Tasty Kitchen!
Yep,it's amazing all the things that can be made from zucchini-but then of course think of all the things George Washington Carver created using the peanut!
Have a happy( zucchini) making and eating season!
And of course if you're really energetic,or desperate,you can search my archives for ideas on making Mr. Zucchini Head. I,obviously, am to lazy to do so.
In His Love,

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