Tuesday, July 7, 2009

fireworks in the square

picnicing before the big display...this may become a tradition

some of the whirling crowd...,

my poor camera tried,it really did,but this seems to be the best it could do at capturing those amazing fireworks,
The Fourth was a family day for our household,with building shelves(O wonderful shelves!), eating ice cream, and picnicing downtown with friends and family before the fireworks went off.
Then it was a nice walk home in a light sprinkling of rain and cake before bed and we called it a day! It was a blessing to have some much needed downtime together and we were thankful.
Speaking of downtime, Crystal of Biblical Womanhood(link on sidebar) renown, has prayerfully decided to shut down her blogs(thankfully Moneysaving Mom will remain). I appreciate her devotion to her family and her careful guarding of her time. The one pro I can see for my own teeny blog is that I can choose to run it,instead of it running me! With popularity come heavy demands and I can understand Crystal's decision. In a week or so,I plan to remove the Biblical Womanhood link. At the moment her farewell letter is a notable specimen.
Well, after a late night helping a friend get her home espresso/cappuccino machine up and running, I may need a nap and I imagine my cold would appreciate the rest also.
In His Love,

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