Friday, July 10, 2009

the homemade and more natural cleaners post

This makes me feel so grown up in a weird way. Just the fact that I was together enough to hunt down the ratios etc.,print out labels, bla,bla bla! But anyway ,awhile back I got all inspired by the Simple Green Frugal Co-op(link on sidebar) and made my own vinegar cleaner.I'm liking it and definitely have no plans to go back to storebought cleaner. The Bon Ami I got from the hardware store and it seems to do well also for grimy bathtubs(any moms of boys out there with grimy boy feet dirtying their bathtubs?)Bon Ami claims to have been in buisness for 120 years,be Earth Friendly with no chlorine,Perfume or dye.Yay! My boys can help me clean!
I also use baking soda in the toilet bowls,added close to the end of the vinegar- in -toilet bowl soaking routine. The boys,coming to think of it might enjoy the following explosion!
I use Murphy's Oil soap on my floors and just adore the smell. Murphy's Oil soap and I have a history together. When I was a teen,I did a bit of housecleaning for hire. This one home always used Murphy's and I fell for it then. Oh,the wonderful smell! Now, that we live in the US again and have hardwood floors, I can once again use this soap.( And,I think the bottle says it's 98% natural.)
So, I'm doing way better than my previous,horridly colored cleaners and it's quite inexpensive as far as more earth friendly products go.

Here's a close-up of my vinegar spray. It's great mirror cleaner!
Ok, friends, I will bore no more! But,try this at home,ok? Your grandchildren and mine,Lord willing will be better off for it,I believe.
In His Love,

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