Tuesday, July 28, 2009

his love language

I can't really tell you how it can be that I've been a married woman almost 9 years now and it just recently clearly dawned on me that my sweetie's love language is food. Not just any fast or box food,though. Real food. Hearty,healthy,tasty food. New dishes and old favorites.
So,that has been a lot of what I've been up to these days.(It helps that I have zucchini to battle with...) Zucchini sheet cake with a cream cheese type frosting, a huge beef soup, breakfast burritos,salsa, my version of a plantain lasagna, lots of cukes in balsamic vinegar and so on.
Today I even burnt my fingertips on some hot peppers. All sacrifices for the cause. Because I'm so romantic (): !
I found this book on the shelf for half price at the boutique thriftshop today- 1001 Ways to be Romantic. It is now mine. Am I up for a medal for our tenth anniversary or what??
I love my guy! How are you showing love to your spouse these days?
In His Love,

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