Thursday, July 9, 2009

my kitchen table

My kitchen table regularly looks like this. Or worse.

My children seem to think it's a desk or something. And they feel free to scatter empty yogurt cups or butcher a melon with a Leatherman amongst the piles-to my chagrin.
What do I spy here in this particular spot? An Anne of Green Gables popup book,an Eric Carle board book, Sandra Boynton's Barnyard Dance board book,and my More With Less cookbook.
On the other side I find a pill organizer, a small heart shaped basket with a Pocono's postcard from a friend,an article by another friend,and a kid's menu from Bob Evans.

And this is a relatively neat picture.........................................I hope you'll all still be my friends after this.
I must say,homeschooling in a townhouse can be tricky. Squeezing ourselves into these smaller spaces,probably not intended for a family that lives so fully IN their home.

Have yourselves a wonderful day,full of the Presence of God.
In His Love,

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