Sunday, August 2, 2009

standin' by the stuff

In real life : I label my cupboards so the small kitchen helpers can get it right,
I make up peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch,with probably apple slices on the side,

I see and handle and empty so many of these,

I rinse and see dishes to be rinsed over and over and over,(I'm glad when they're at the rinsing stage!),

my sink fills over and over daily with this type of thing.( I decided to edit my stove pictures out of these.I wasn't sure how people would feel about me after those.Maybe someday if I'm brave.)
My days are filled with these types of things and many more. Potty training,weaning, giving reading lessons over and over,investing in children and a home is often repetitive,grimy,wet and weary work.
I find it interesting how God takes girls like me,who would find the idea of working in a library,a studio,something like that, a dream workplace, and sets them to the task of being mamas.No quiet work,that.
What does He want us to learn?
Standin' by the stuff often means being unselfish, thorough,diligent,sensitive to the atmosphere of the home,patient in so many ways,seeing the beauty in people(oh,they are so beautiful when we're not too tired to see it) and being content with what our Father has provided.
And in learning all these things we start seeing purpose emerging from all the grime and elbow grease and sleep deprivation.
It's helpful and inspiring to start glimpsing a purpose. It's also awesome to start finding the learning of these traits a beautiful thing.
So our Abba has been showing me recently to not only stand by the stuff faithfully,but stand by it gladly! To revel in the tasks of being a mama. It's a good and high calling.
May He bless you all,as you learn to "stand by the stuff" wherever you are!
In His Love,

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