Wednesday, August 19, 2009

can't you see?

"The woman just in front gave me a condescending smile
She said "Excuse me please,are these all yours?
You've really got your hands full, that's for sure
Tell me, when do you get time for you?
You know there's so much more
that a woman can do"
Well what I wanted to say
Was"Wait a minute please"
What I wanted to say
Was" Look closer and you'll see
How they are beautiful
And I would not take back
a single day"
That's what I wanted to say "
Marie Bellet's What I Wanted To Say album has been playing a lot in my kitchen since I requested it as a birthday present. She says so much that moms and Dads feel and think into story songs and sings them with her lovely voice. While she and I have some fundamental differences in understanding the Bible,I still do appreciate a lot in her singing.
Here's to the beauty in our little ones!!!
In His Love,


The Benoit Family said...

They are beautiful dear sister! And I wouldn't give back one moment either!

affectioknit said...