Tuesday, August 25, 2009

wonderful weekend in Pennsylvania

Apple trees in our host's backyard in PA. Wow-apple trees in the backyard! Lovely,especially since today we discovered our neighbors decided to string clothesline through our small,city backyard and hang their laundry on it! And,the buisness behind us seems to have their groundskeeper or something trimming brush on our border so he's backed into our backyard also.Ah,well, school is back in session so we're not using our backyard as much anyway.
Soaring through the air on this very boy-friendly swingset. Country living does have its advantages....
We traveled to PA for a long weekend, attending the Zac Poonen conference there. It was very worth it. We had the added blessing of staying with a host family from the local fellowship there,which we appreciated very much. Besides getting to know people from there better, they did a superb job of hosting which was an added bonus. Thanks,friends!
" Allow the Spirit to lay the ax at the root of our tree (of our self-will). If you can do this,your ministry will shake hell,and heaven will be proud." Poonen quote, condensed a bit.We came away with many things to meditate on,and new insights of precious value to us.
We are thankful and hope to reap much blessing from this trip for the rest of our lives. Praise God for men who are vessels for him to bless His people through!
In His Love,

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The Benoit Family said...

We desired to be there but alas, our Father had other plans for us. Someday soon hopefully we will be able to see you all in person as well as brother Zac. Glad you were blessed. Hoped you would meet another brother there that I told to look for you. Anyway, pass my greetings along to your family.