Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yearly Tradition-The Digging begins!

Here's a recent garden picture-the onions are up and sprightly already!

Inside we're doing lots and lots of cooking...... this is a strawberry banana& yogurt smoothie with ground flax ? seed in it. No,the straw didn't prove useful-too thin.

Wheatberry Waldorf Salad and rising bread dough.No,my children did not enjoy the wheatberry Waldorf salad.They much prefer when I make fried rice. Too bad,it was so pretty...
Unfortunately,the yummy minestrone soup topped with grated feta cheese was not rated a five star recipe either.My children jump for joy over hot dogs. Thankfully,I am the menu planner in this house.And thank-you God that we are blessed with so much variety!
Next post? Probably lots of bird photos. Now I'm off to finish a chicken salad-my eldest manlet requested it.
In His Love,

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