Monday, March 9, 2009

Food for the Soul in Pennsylvania

Jess and Zac Poonen... he found the sermons fairly easy to understand....Photo taken at the Poonen conference this weekend.

Trying on Daddy's riding boots...


It was quite the weekend for Lee and I, finally getting to meet Poonen and sitting under his messages for two days.How well I remember those lone days in Central America, as we came into new and wonderful relationships with Jesus,and getting our hands on the first set of Zac Poonen's message tapes. Lee and I would sit in our little house in the city,with the children playing at our feet,listening to a segment practically every day on Lee's lunch break. We were so busy with our little cafe that we didn't have much family time,but we drank up those sermons eagerly. Often it was like a buffet meal for us,so much good stuff and us so hungry....

We had so much spiritual food at the conference this weekend,we're still digesting it. It was rich,let me tell you!

"The mark of the presence of God in the tabernacle was the fire,not the pattern." Poonen(possible wording was slightly different.)

Zac spoke on topics which have been very real to me recently and it was so strengthening for my soul.I am so thankful we could go!
Staying with our host family was a real blessing to us also-they were complete strangers but we came to love each other so. They were supremely good to us and I will remember their example for a long time.
On other topics, the weather has changed drastically for the warmer now and has our neighbors spilling out of their houses. I enjoy seeing them all out,so alive and joyful in the hopeful air of a new spring.We took cookie plates to a number of them and I hope to keep meeting more.May they see Jesus,when we interact with them. This is our desire. Lord,keep us lowly!
May your day be blessed with the presence of the Holy Spirit.....
In His Love,

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The Benoit Family said...

Dear Sister - How I rejoice to hear of the blessings of your trip and the time that you had. You were in our prayers during that time!

I just downloaded the messages that he shared in Colorado the week prior and was listening to the first one yesterday. Posted a quote from that on our blog as well. :)

Pass along my greetings to all in your family!