Thursday, March 5, 2009

Things I've been learning........

chair picture by JesS

about the essence of truly knowing that God owns all that I have, unto my life itself. It never has been mine. I only thought it was...
I've been learning that being 100% surrendered to God means exactly that. That His logic is not my logic.
I'm learning to think and look at life under a new light,the light of being a caretaker of God's property.
I'm starting to deeply assimilate that even my little ones are really God's children. I care for His children here in the far country when they are away from Him.
I think it's interesting that something I read on a Catholic mother's blog helped me understand that-God uses so many mediums....
I know that sometimes I'm like a hard piece of Sculpey clay-it's got to be kneaded and pounded a lot before it becomes workable and shapeable.
I don't always like the lessons God wants to teach me but I trust that He will extend His grace to help my weakness.
All this revelation comes out of having my purse go missing at the community center and God not helping me magically find it. I had gone there to worship Him-how could He let this happen to me? It happened when there were a number of other challenging things going on that made the monetary loss and the hassle all the more difficult.Why does a loving Father allow this to happen? I know He could have helped me find the purse,make things easier. I knew there had to be meaning in it. This,above then,is what I learned.
In His Love,

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