Friday, March 27, 2009

Encouraging the "TROOPS" in tight Times

So many have stories to tell in these tough economic times for our nation. So the stories are not what are unusual.But how about maintaining an air of cheerfulness and content in the midst of it all?
So many of us have gotten into the habit of thinking so many of the things on our shopping lists are necessities. And they are very helpful for maintaining an orderly,comfortable life even if they are not essential to staying alive.
But what about when push comes to shove? What about the hard choices between helping out a very needy person with your extra pennies and or being able to buy two gallons of milk instead of stretching out your one? What about choosing between a good deal on used summer clothes for your children and shampoo and laundry soap?
For some of us those choices and many more are very real. It's not always an easy road to walk.
But there are so many good things to be learned from these situations.
Thinking on these things this morning I started counting my blessings.And they are many.
I've learned so much about valuing relationships over "stuff".
Sure,I can go to Starbucks with a group of Christian friends for an evening of fellowship.No matter if I pick up one of the cheapest things on the menu. I'm there to enjoy fellowship instead of gratification of the tongue. Remembering these priorities helps one keep from self-pity.Yes!!
There are many choices like this that I can make,often. It's good.
We also can find so much more thankfulness in our hearts for each blessing we are able to have.We find so much contentment growing in our hearts.
Resourcefulness and encouraging the hearts of my little"troops".
What? Out of eggs and milk today? Instead of being blue,we can dig out that free canned pineapple we had squirreled away in the cupboard.We make an exotic breakfast....
Dependence and confidence in our Heavenly Father,that He knows all things and has circumstances exactly as He wishes them to be.This is the best part of all,this resting in the Father's arms and plans.
And so often,He sends me so much abundancethat is beyond neccesity. A lovely table with wooden chairs. A trip to the zoo. Bags of food.So many loving friends. So many things I don't even ask for,that He allows me from His Fatherly heart.
May we ever be good stewards of the gifts He bestows,always looking to help others with the abundance He sends our way. Not looking to lay up treasure on earth.
He is Good. May you always rest in that confidence.
In His Love,

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