Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Belated Tour for Ya'll

Let me start right off by saying that I didn't shoot all the photos in this post.I can take credit for this sea anemone picture though.
This tour,by the way,is in Washington DC,mostly in the National Zoo,with a few surrounding shots. Pictures courtesy of my cousin's fancy pants camera.
I captured this hippo as he was entering the water.I couldn't believe it was actually going to perform so beautifully for the camera.I think I missed the splash as it was going in though. I was kinda being mobbed by the crowd,especially as I had squeezed up near the rail.Just relax and play ball......

There was a good microscope station.

All we could think of was Aslan.......

Our budding photographer. Photography is almost a basic skill in our homeschool:).

Yeah,I'd hate to meet one of these in the wild.

Doesn't this turtle look like it's surfing? I even took this picture:)

Look! Nature goes neon!

I've often felt secretly worried that I find so much of nature boring,to speak plainly.But this zoo trip cleared things up for me.I really enjoy the absurd in nature.
Let me loose with aquairiums full of ocean life.I will be very content.
(I also enjoy flowers and unusually shaped trees.Go figure. Oh,and beautiful rocks.)
Anyway,I got to see this octupus changing color. I really enjoyed that.

OOps! This wasn't supposed to be in this post. Pretend it's weird art.

Who took this lovely picture? It wasn't me.

Out and about.I think this is the National Monument.

I can't remember which this one was. A walking tour of these would make for better shots of course.

Well,there are more pictures of course.And maybe sometime I can post some of the zoo from Jess' s camera. Whatever I'm trying to say.
So,there's your tour. Maps at the National Zoo cost around 5 dollars as of now. Think of it as a souvenir. That way you won't do as many circles as we did.
In His Love,


The Benoit Family said...

Circles are part of the experience and I wouldn't miss it for the world by paying the money for one of those maps! :)

Pass along my / our greetings to Nathan and the family!

Missy said...

Beautiful memories! Mr.C. took the butterfly one. I really like the one you took of the sea anemone! Just a little editing it would look even better...