Friday, September 26, 2008

Scarecrow Man's Debut

We're not saying there won't be finishing touches,but here he is in all his simplicity.
Dry cornstalks from the garden, potted coleus gifted from a friend, and the scarecrow himself sports Lee's old,torn jeans, boots from a Costa Rica trip,I think, a one dollar shirt from a yard sale, and a yard sale hat.
Scarecrow's head is a plastic,gallon jug covered with burlap that I had rescued from a free pile at a yard sale also. I glued on felt facial features from my tiny felt stash. All this is held together with safety pins. He's stuffed with plastic bags and newspaper. We gathered long,dry grass from the yard to make his hands etc.. This scarecrow is a first for us but it was easier to make than I expected. So many things can be accomplished when we dare to jump in and try things!

Snuggled around our stuffed creation!
Enjoy these autumn days,friends. We have rainy,wet and cold weather in our area right now. Tea, soup, and a supper like I'm preparing right now-mashed potatoes,bratwurst and sauerkraut are on the menu. Stay warm!

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