Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Scarecrows,Decoupage, and Watercolors

Yeah,I know, no pictures again....(ducks)! I'll try to get back in the groove soon. I'm here pecking at the keyboard and it's already way late. At least I've been making homemade bread and can look forward to buttery toast in the morning.

The little Pilgrims and I are gearing up for one of my favorite seasons in more ways than one-I ENJOY fall and we even get to remember-you guessed it! Pilgrims!!
So for starters we started "autumnizing" the porch today while we also got garden cleaning done. Cornstalks cleaned out of the garden and the best ones bundled on the front porch and Indian corn(at least that's what it looks like) hung. We started the tropical plants moving back indoors and just generally cleaned. And then of course we started working on a scarecrow. Which I have never done before so this is a real learning experience. We're still working on it-hope to snag a few more items of attire on the weekend and then we can post pictures hopefully. Next up is painting some tin cans in fall colors and filling them with dried grasses etc. Not to mention my aquisition of a cornicopia for the first time... Yep! A real fall porch.

Last night we went to an evening birthday celebration for three friends, big and little. I decoupaged a notebook for one of the little girls being honored, which was also a first for me. Now I want to decoupage some trays.

For the young man I framed a watercolored motto of a verse of Amazing Grace I'd made. I paired Galactic glitter glue and a pack of crayons with the 5 cent notebook(yeah,this is a FRUGAL blog,ok?) I had decoupaged and wrapped it in light green tulle? I'd gotten for free and a lovely green ribbon.
I'm just giving economical gift advice, people! If I didn't work hard in that department I'd need a big budget which I do not have so hence the tips!

I also have a new piece of artwork I did for the boys which I will have to photograph for this space.

I'm trying to not crazily overschedule but we have so many people wanting to come hang out,go out and talk with or come for homeschooling networking or talk on the phone and even email or write that it keeps me on my toes and beyond.Besides my many projects of course but I feel like that helps keep a balance to everything.Taking time to create and be while doing projects is good.This space may take a back seat when things get too overwhelming but probably not too bad because it's so key to me as a person.

Lee and I were checking out some wonderful worship CD's for the little people on tonight. We found some that may help further the singing we've gotten started around here. Wish you all could see Wrenbird clapping along when we were singing He Lives the other night.

Well,there's laundry to put in soak before I hit the hay. And is it ever late!

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