Friday, September 12, 2008

Rejoice with Me-the Tooth is here!

Wrenbird has finally "hatched" a certain large tooth of rather infamous status as it has been so LONG in coming and it's impending arrival has made us all rather miserable as aforementioned child has been unable to keep her misery to herself. The Tooth has been in now for a few days and we are rediscovering how very,very nice Wrenbird can be!

More news on teeth is that Jess has lost a third tooth.I pulled this tooth using the elementof surprise.Whether that will work again we cannot tell....

Book news: We are almost finished with one of the Stories from Grandma's Attic books. Fun that the boys can enjoy chapter books now!

Well, the little one in my arms has fallen asleep and so my bloggin' time is up.
Hasta Luego! Marcella

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