Friday, September 19, 2008

Passing on Pumpkin Ideas Galore!

Pumpkins inspire me. They do. Their rich orange hue,sprinkled with spice makes me dream of custards and pie, chocolate chip married with pumpkin for cookies and all sorts of homey things.

Well,I've got a great site for you today! Check out
Ideas for pumpkins are only a part of all they have to offer. If you want your mind to spin with ideas, this may be for you!

What I'm Doing: It's way past my bedtime. I've been scrubbing the kitchen floor on my hands and knees, folding and washing laundry, prepping breakfast so it's ready for morning, getting the library books together and last but not least sampling the freshly baked blueberry french toast.Which if you've never tried,you should,I think.

Book Recommendation: Making Amazing Art by Sandi Henry. This has great ideas. I could play and play with all the ideas here.It's geared for the younger set,of course.

And on this simple note I close. May fine pumpkins be yours! They're good for you too! Think calcium,iron etc. oK, oK ,I know. I'm starting to sound abnormal:)


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