Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Voice is Back!

I've found my voice again after a bad case of virtual laryngitis! I returned to our home in the States to discover the virtual braino of the house had crashed. Loads of photos and stuff lost.Thankfully the computer was still under warranty.
Being disconnected was good for me and my family and inspired me to limit my online time and report to my husband if I ever violate my self made rules! So far it's good!
We are well and busy! Lee and I are volunteering at the soup kitchen along with other friends from a house fellowship here in our local community. We're also worshipping with our not-quite-so local fellowship which is like family to us.Lee is busy with work and I'm into the homeschool thang more than ever.
Tonight we planned to go to a get-together and worship time at the home of new friends but when that got canceled I invited another friend over to share the chocolate-black walnut pie I'd made. I've wanted to make that pie for ever so long and I finally did it! Yay! And the fellowship was lovely and she even brought some interesting looking tapes along!
Well,I should get a last bit of baby laundry in soak with my faithful Oxy and find my bed very soon!
Hasta Luego!

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