Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Soup,Exercise and Prayer

Jess making phonics cards,using pictures cut from old magazines...

It's an amazing season in life right now for us. First I'll explain my hiatus from this blog though! You see, I'd made a deal with myself that if I kept my exercise routine, I was allowed to blog. Well, with life so full, I have really struggled to add my exercise routine in there these days. But a season of many long distance visitors is about over, I crashed for about a day-barely able to muster the energy to do basics and all that rest helped me start over, and a new element or two is coming into our lives which have not been there for quite a long time and are met with much thankfulness for the routine and order they should bring to us. All that to say I feel like exercise is doable again. And my fingers itch to blog. You can look to see me around again.....

Soup is definitely in order these days! All kinds. Some sharp, smelly cheese or even a milder slice is very good to go with this. Bread is good too. Crunchy apples for snacks refreshes your palate. Wonderful autumn food abounds. Eat it with gratefulness to the Giver of Life and all blessings.

Prayer. Praying without ceasing is never too out of date. God wants to hear from us. A lot. Want to see good things happening in your life and in the lives of others? What are you sowing? Idle thoughts or fervent prayer?

Seek the kingdom of God, friends! You will never be sorry!

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