Friday, October 31, 2008

Special Days This Autumn

Blowing out Seven candles is hard work! My beautiful, precious firstborn! Eternal soul ever dear to me. May God hear your mother's prayers for the preservation of your sweet heart.
My bear design was last minute work-can you see the drippiness? A friend offered to let me use her Wilton decorating kit next time.I could use that and more time another time!

Alex's Aunt S. was making a rare visit and managed to get to help Alex cut his volcano cake.We held Alex's birthday celebration at the soup kitchen where we volunteer.I worked like mad making food and a Lot of cake to reach around for everyone! It was a bit wild! Aunt S. helped keep everything running smoothly so that sure did help.

The volcano cake also got done pretty last minute-Alex still looks satisfied.
Alex,my artist,my fix-it man and a generous soul, I look forward to working with you in Vineyard of the Lord as you grow older,Lord willing!

Last,but absolutely not least on the last day of this month,I remember the first, which marked 8 years of matrimony with the biggest boy of all and Chief Pilgrim in our house,my sweet Lee.
It's only getting better, like a vintage wine or something,sweetie! Or maybe an aged cheese?
Above is how we started our special day with a cheesecake,a card and special chocolates from my sister.Lovely! We tried to have a romantic dinner at a long agreed upon spot in an Indian American cafe,but it was a little difficult to get too carried away with Wrenbird squirming around in our booth! We did a few other things afterwards including going to the dollar store and each getting the other a gift of the type one would usually think to buy for one's beloved before one marries and tend to forget to think of after one marries. We hid our gifts from one another and opened them later. My gift to Lee was a hanging frog to hang on his mirror in the van.
You see? The type of gift I would usually forget to think of. The object was love,not price tags! Whoever said you couldn't enjoy yourself on a small budget? I dreamed up that idea and Lee enjoyed it so much! He got me some neat stuff too!
Well,we returned home from one fall fest tonight and plan to do a booth at one with our other fellowship tomorrow.I dressed up as a Peruvian lady wearing a Peruvian tablecloth as a sort of dress/skirt over my clothes and a Guatamalen tablecloth as a shawl. I carried a Peruvian handbag and wore a Peruvian hat and managed to snag a tie for Most Unique in the costume contest. I think Lee thought I wouldn't dare do the catwalk! Heh!
I dressed Wrenbird as a Peruvian baby and rustled up a Native American costume for Jess, a fireman one for Alex and Chels went as a purple robed princess.
Today,as it often is,was busy.Laundry often pursues me and today after Wrenbird being sick a lot,I had poop stains, puke stains and I don't know what else to clean up. Still working on it!
I still am changing the family wardrobe over too,which is no small task I tell you! Storing what can work for next summer,giving away what won't,tossing what's practically threadbare and replacing with bits and pieces of warm clothes from storage is actually a whole organizational feat! I love my sister for buying Jess warm winter pajamas for his birthday! We have almost all our coats set for the cold season and now proceed to fillin the sweater gaps. And where do we store and organize everything?
In the middle of everything, our landlords asked for a bed platform and mattress and boxspring set I'd forgotten they were loaning us.So I had to quickly clean and tear bedrooms apart,removing pieces from their respective spots.Thankfully, we had an air mattress loaned from my sister so the boys had a temporary bed!
Well, I should proceed to other late night tasks! Be well. Marcella

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