Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Blog beauty to share

Garden harvest-photo styled on his own by Jess.

When I was in my late teens, homesteading and homemaking books and magazines were my big interest.I was gaga about handmade things. Dreams of homey, rustic places to creatively and frugally live filled my mind.
God stepped in. I got married and my life was shaken and turned topsy turvy in so many,many ways! I'm a newly turned 26 now, with a husband and four children to boot. Our lives overflow with -well life! Ministry for our beloved Jesus eats up our extra time. But in all the living and growing and experiencing (how can eight or nine years seem like they held so much?) I feel like I've come rather full circle. Homemaking as an art, homemade, homegrown is what I care for as a woman and enjoy as God sees fit, in this my pilgrimage time on Earth. These days I thank God for little moments. In uncertain times and even in more"certain" times there are never any guarantees. Nothing except this moment. And God the Father can be in each of them !

A favorite blog in the "home" category is back, as I excitedly discovered today! May I introduce you to I leave you with this goody. May you enjoy your homemaking today! Marcella

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