Saturday, February 2, 2008

Don't shop for your husband's jeans at Goodwill...

unless of course your husband is fairly short and slim that is. Why is it that I tell myself don't even bother after an episode and then so blithely try it again later? Must be like childbirth-when the memory wears off,I'm all ready to do it again! But.Don't.Try.the.pants.thing.Again! What a waste of time. TJmaxx and Ross turned out to be much better hunting grounds.Ummm,last night was a clothes shopping night for Lee and me.I was after The Right Hat which we finally found at Target.Oh,there were a few other finds too.Nothing"writeworthy". No spectacular deals exactly.Just wanted to warn you not to shop for guys jeans at Goodwill:).
We have a flu around here.Alex had big red splotches all over him last night.Not sure what that was about.
Most of us in our fellowship have big events going on next week so it's a weird week.Then factor in the flu.... not much happening.More clothes shopping today.Clothing shopping is very tiring for me.It's good for my mental health to divide it into parts!
Well,I have a baby that badly needs changing on my lap.See you later!

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