Monday, February 11, 2008

Tennessee Tales

Yes,we've been out exploring the land! Here's Douglas Dam in Tennessee.

We attended a concert in Nashville to listen to Sara Groves.We had sick children that night and I never got a good picture.There's at least one shot of the back of Sara's head.........

Waiting to enter the concert hall.

We traveled on to spend the weekend with lots of friends.Isn't this macaw spectacular?

A miniature playhouse big enough to even have an upstairs loft.This was the stuff of my dreams when I was little.

Jess sitting on a mini recliner in the playhouse.

Our hosts have a volunteer fire station so we got quite the tour! Here are the boys sitting on one of the fire engines.

Looking out of the cab.....

Dressing up fireman's clothes!

Alex with a paramedics hat on.
We packed a lot into a few days but I don't have a habit of posting pictures of people without their permission and I'm not sure how interesting all of that would be anyway,so here's the "touristy" side of the trip.Lots of visiting was done and much history was reviewed.We attended church there also.
And now,it's back to laundry from the trip,restocking the fridge,unpacking and all that stuff.I'm off!

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