Thursday, February 21, 2008

Make shape pancakes

We obviously had an agenda with these pancakes-at first. Enter two cast iron skillets and two junior cooks. What you get are a few heart shaped pancakes and then turtles and so forth. We took these pictures on "Love" Day so the hearts of course. But...I thought this could be a fun way to make shape pancakes any old time.Simply pour your pancake batter into a gallon size Ziplock type bag and snip a tiny corner off and start squeezing.It's a bit tricky making shapes and somewhat messy with young cooks at the wheel but just think! If you teach them well and are longsuffering now, Lord willing you will have some creative cooks in the not to far future. Or,if that scares you,get up early and make beautiful shapes all by yourself in your quiet kitchen.The little people will still be pretty pleased. Happy day,all! Marcella

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