Friday, February 29, 2008

The Ocean Yields Us Treasure....

It started with whales. Jess wanted to see whale pictures online. And I thought he said he wanted to study the ocean.He even helped me pick out books at the library. We brought the books home and read and read. I was happily thinking of all the wonderful learning experiences that could come out of this topic. I mean we can go to the fish market and maybe get a squid and dissect it, make a clay model of the ocean floor,hang jellyfish models from the ceiling,all kinds of things! Then Jess pronounces that studying the ocean is boring ,he really wanted to study whales. I think I understood that statement anyway.ALL RIGHT! What next? And he now wants to study lions and tigers in Africa. This should be interesting. Anyway, I wanted to recommend some of these books or at least two that impressed me.
Above is the Eyewitness book on oceans which has a lot of data on the inhabitants of the ocean including many measurements,so I made sure we kept a tape measure handy so we could get a quick look at the approximate size of the critters we were studying.And the Activity Guide Oceans is incredible! Scientific facts presented in a fairly easy to understand way,old stories on certain things, games, and projects! I want to add this one to my personal library! Those two alone would give plenty of study material alone.

Sculpey sea creatures, and a book on sharks that looks good too! The shark book looks like a good addition to the personal library also.
Today on the homefront I am making my weekly menu plan(roughly of course). I look through my freezer and pantry and other food storage and see what we have extra of and plan how that could be incorporated into the coming week,peruse cookbooks that have economical recipes, look on the web,print coupons and come up with a grocery list. My strategy isn't highly complicated but it helps me have a handle on the budget and an idea that we have ingredients on hand for the upcoming week.So it seems to be worth the time for me and it helps if I make it a project that starts early the day before we do shopping so I make well-thought out menus! Today, I also created a coupon folder where the coupons are labeled by date.That should help a lot! Organization is so crucial to a calm mind in my experience!
May your day be peaceful and organized! Marcella

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